One Day Workshop Six Sigma

Inspire your organization and reduce uncertainty.

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With this training you’ll learn:

  • The DfSS-IDOV roadmap, focused on first time right, and the DMAIC roadmap, focused on fact-based improvement
  • How the methods link up perfectly with the product creation process
  • How the expected results of the DfSS/DMAIC steps can become part of a standard project management review process
  • The relationship between delivery quality: ‘capability’ and life time quality: ‘reliability’

Teaching professionals.

Marcel Logger

Marcel Logger

Sr. Product Process Specialist & Master Black Belt
Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma with a background in manufacturing, service, and logistics.

Training information

  • Eindhoven
  • 1 day


The investment is €795,- per participant (excluding VAT).

This includes the training day, extensive teaching materials, lunch and refreshments.

About the One Day Workshop Six Sigma.

New products and processes have to be developed in an increasingly shorter space of time, they have to be right first time and of the right quality.

To manage this process effectively Design for Six Sigma (DfSS) and Six Sigma (DMAIC) offer structured development and improvement methods. Let these methods inspire you to carry out improvements and market innovations successfully.

One Day Workshop Six Sigma.


After the workshop you will have an overall impression of where and how six sigma can be employed in your organization. You will become familiar with the strategic importance of a structured approach such as DfSS and DMAIC.

ODWs- outcome

You will be able to make a link between your own objectives and the six sigma approach. During practical exercises you will experience how a number of tools and methods can support your improvement and development process.


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What you’ll learn.

Day 1

What you'll learn

  • Introduction. What is your challenge?
  • Six sigma, DfSS -IDOV & DMAIC; your strategic objectives.
  • Principle of variation, experience the importance of variation and get acquainted with the evaluation of the measurement system.
  • Improve with DMAIC; the DMAIC roadmap will be explained. Variation will become visible by doing exercises with a catapult. Improvements will be supported by FMEA (Failure Mode & Effect Analysis).
  • Lean; the concept.
  • Innovation, supported by DfSS/IDOV: The roadmap.
  • Terms such as VOC, the Voice Of the Customer and VOB, Voice Of the Business are the starting point. This is followed by the identification of the CtQs: the Critical to Quality parameters. See how results can be predicted at an early stage with the Design of Experiments.
  • Lifetime quality: reliability. Explanation of the connection between lifetime quality, reliability, and zero-hour quality, capability. You will experiment and make your own Reliability prediction.
  • Program management. This last part concentrates on all the elements that you can organize around a program. Training, project implementation and support fit together perfectly.

Practical information.

For whom

Managers, project managers and program managers who have to manage and give guidance to an effective and efficient development and improvement process both in a technical and non-technical environment. Professionals who wish to inspire those around them with a process, based on a methodical approach, facts and data, without endangering the creativity of an organization by doing so.

Level: University or college level, or a similar level of knowledge gained through experience.


At the end of the session, the participants will receive a declaration of participation.

Location & Date

Eindhoven – High Tech Campus 29
Enschede – The Gallery 500

Dates 2022
To be determined 

Group size
A maximum of 12 participants

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