Course information

  • Eindhoven
  • 2 modules of 2/3 days
  • 15-16 May & 05-07 June 2023


The investment is €3.500, (ex. VAT) per participant. This includes 5 training days, a syllabus of the course material, the book ‘Practical Reliability Engineering’, lunch and refreshments.

In addition, four times free participation in the Reliability User Group.  

Not included in the price are the costs for the theory exam and certification by the University of Stuttgart. 

About the course HI-RF2 Analytical Reliability Methods and System Reliability.   

To cope with the latest economic developments, organizations must develop new products and systems with an intrinsic high level of reliability. RMS (Reliability-Maintenance-Safety) Engineering is an upcoming discipline in product development and helps in getting an integral grip on the Reliability of your product during the Design Phase with accurate and quantitative methods. 

Based on the Holland Innovative experiences in design for value projects, this course offers to train you in the analytical reliability methodologies and system level approaches to ensure a high initial reliability designed into your systems. These pro-active methodologies will identify project reliability risks early, quantify these risks, and interrelate the various failure mechanisms within the components. Together this will lead to a complete system reliability analysis.

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With this course you’ll learn:

  • Creating reliability and risk analyses of complex systems
  • Take the lead in projects on the aspect of system reliability, closely cooperating with the six sigma methodologies
  • Give pro-active and solid engineering and management recommendations

Teaching professionals.

Ir. Elly van den Bliek

Ir. Elly van den Bliek

Competence Lead Reliability
Expert in Reliability and functional safety. Started in the process industry and moved on to the automotive, high-tech, energy, aerospace and medical industries.
Dr. Ir. Coen Smits

Dr. Ir. Coen Smits

Scientific Director Reliability
He has been with Holland Innovative for over 10 years as a reliability specialist with assignments in many high tech and automotive organizations. He holds a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Course: Analytical Reliability Methods and System Reliability.

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You will be trained to become a reliability engineering professional. Capable of creating reliability and risk analyses of complex systems. Focusing on early design concepts, these analyses lead to pro-active and solid engineering and management recommendations throughout the entire product creation process.

RFs - outcome

As an expert you will take the lead in projects on the aspect of system reliability, closely cooperating with the six sigma methodologies.

Analytical Reliability Methods and System Reliability

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What you’ll learn.

Block 1 - day 1/2

What you'll learn on day 1and day 2 of the course

  • Introduction, reliability glossary 
  • RBD -Reliability Block Diagrams 
  • Boolean algebra and probability calculations
  • Exercises using BlockSim software 
  • FTA -FaultTree Analysis; qualitative FTA and quantification of Risks; by hand and with BlockSim 
  • ETA - Event Tree Analysis
  • Relation FTA, RBD, and ETA

Block 2 - day 3/5

What you'll learn on day 3, day 4 and day 5 of the course

  • FMEA - Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
  • Monte Carlo simulations
  • Introduction to Petri Nets
  • Repairable system analysis
  • RCA - Root Cause Analysis tools

Practical information.

For whom

The course aims at professionals concerned with design, testing, warranty analysis, reliability, project planning, maintenance, or inspection.


At the end of the last session, the participants will receive a declaration of participation. Moreover, the training can serve as one of the modules to obtain the Certificate Reliability Engineer according to VDI 4002.

The Reliability Foundation Program is a post-graduate education, focusing on the practical aspects of reliability engineering. The program has been developed in accordance with VDI 4002 Reliability guidelines in collaboration with the University of Stuttgart and consists of several modules that will result in a VDI Reliability Engineer certification.

Location & Dates

Eindhoven – High Tech Campus 29 
Group size 

A maximum of 12 participants 

Dates 2023

Block 1: May 15 - 16
Block 2: June 05 - 07

Exam Dates

Exam dates 2023

March 21 (Start 9:00)

June 20 (Start 9:00)

November 14 (Start 9:00)

Exams will be held both in Eindhoven as well as in Enschede.