System Thinking Brainport – a model for bringing technology and project management together all over the world. Roel Wessels’ book ‘The Complete Project Manager’ is the book that makes the connection between the world of high tech and project management. Where the method of systems engineering, typifying Brainport Eindhoven, plays the leading role.

After the successful publication of the existing Dutch and English version of the Complete Project Manager, we can announce hereby the publication of the German book: Der Komplette Projektmanager. The examples are a bit different and the language is less exuberant here and there, but otherwise the success formula has remained intact. As proud as he can be, writer and Senior Director Projectmanagement Roel Wessels is also very happy that he was able to give the field something that was not yet available in the German language.

Having the book now also in German was a matter of course for Wessels’ employer Holland Innovative. “Germany is a technology country and working together with our German neighbors is very pleasant,” says CEO Hans Meeske. “The book and the accompanying masterclasses connect the profession of project management with product development and systems engineering. Where in Brainport we are so strong in the development and realization of mega complex systems, we are looking for connections with key institutes and key players in order to accelerate even faster. ”

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Despite the light-hearted and humorous tone of his presentation, he puts the finger on the sore spot: the project manager is having a hard time and his role is changing. Watch the impression of the book presentation here (video is in Dutch):

Related courses to the book

Projects come in many different shapes and sizes, and in many different levels of complexity. Together with you, we will take up the challenge to achieve complex projects, usually governed by time budget pressure and a clear market demand/target.

In line with the book “The Complete Project Manager” we have developed the Projectmanagement Masterclass. Success in business depends on realizing the right objectives. Even when the circumstances are difficult. The focus of the Masterclass Project Management will therefore not only be on building a thorough theoretical knowledge, but also on the application of the daily, often unruly practice. Learn how to achieve effective and proactive behavior, as a project manager or as a member of a project team.

And new is also the Project Management & Leadership for Data Scientists. Data scientists are T-shaped professionals. They have deep expertise in analytics and data engineering, but they also master boundary-crossing skills such as leadership, problem solving and project management.

Or learn how an innovation environment can be organized effectively. The course Project-Based Working in an R&D environment teaches how to organize your own project in both a Technology Development and Product Development environment. It explains how to bring ‘heartbeat’ into the project.

In the Project Management courses and masterclass the main principles will refer to the following icons:

&-&-& Paradox

More with less. Being on top of it but also giving space. Seeing insecurities but still give commitment.

Today's project manager must be able to deal with the & - & - & - paradox


Your Agile inspirator, the TomTom. Why is the TomTom so effective as a project manager?

Stay in control and continue to show action as long as the goal has not been achieved, even (or precisely) when things are not going well!

The Heartbeat

Why rhythm is necessary when it comes to management, communication, feedback and the realization of learning capacity.

Creating rhythm is an essential success factor in project management; without a heartbeat no PDCA cycle.

The blind check

Ticking boxes is awarded with a boost of dopamine, which makes you want to do it again. But watch out for the blind check!

Reward your brain with a boost of dopamine that motivates you to achieve your goals.


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Roel Wessels
Roel WesselsSr. Director Projectmanagement & Technology