Looking back to HighTech meets Agro: Science of Measuring

April 4th, 2019 – HAS University of Applied Sciences – ‘s-Hertogenbosch

In a world where an estimated 805 million people still go hungry and many people also suffer from hidden hunger, according to last Global Nutrition Report, it is impossible not to pay attention to the evolution of the agricultural sector. After all, the combination of data with this sector contains the key opportunities to totally transform agricultural activities the way we use to see it.

It is impossible to deny how data is becoming increasingly important, but how or what do you actually measure and how reliable is this? With these questions on the mind, the meeting featured speakers from widely different backgrounds. HighTech meets Agro: Science of Measuring introduced participants to the collection of data, to look creatively at it and to give meaning to this data.

Jasper den Besten, Professor of New Cultivation Systems at HAS Hogeschool, talked about the importance or high-tech in agricultural education. In his presentation, he approached from the large scale, fully automated vertical farm to food forest, not forgetting about the use of non-destructive sensors and the challenges when you use AI in horticulture.

Rufus Fraanje, Lector Smart Sensor Systems at The Hague University of Precision, explained the Farming in Horticulture. He brought a lot of insights to understand the challenges of a SCOUT precision farming in the greenhouse.

Lenny van Erp, Lector Precision at Livestock Farming at HAS University of Applied Sciences Smart, shared her knowledge in  Farming in livestock farming – measuring health and behavior

Peter Scheer,  Business Developer at Nijhuis Industries Clean with Green, presented Sensors to Control Nature.  The company’s vision aims to build a circular world in which everyone has access to good sanitation, clean drinking water, and nutritious food by combining spaced based technology and biology in a closed loop system.

Jeroen de Mast, Scientific Director at Holland Innovative, gave to the participants a lecture about  Insight into measurement systems through data science, specifically showing how data‐driven analytics can help in managing the reliability of  measurement systems

HighTech Meets Agro


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