Due to the Corona Crisis, Holland Innovative’s seminar on “Data Science for Reliability and Root Cause Analysis” is postponed to 25 and 26 March, 2021. But the long(er) wait doesn’t mean that preparations have come to a standstill. On the contrary. Coordinator Elly van den Bliek explains why it is important to already look ahead to the event that will show the best practices, latest trends, and innovations in open discussions and expert groups.

reliability event 2020

Elly van den Bliek – Reliability Specialist

Although the seminar is still almost a year away, the preparation of Holland Innovative’s major reliability event is already top of mind for Elly van den Bliek. She is using the extra time to prepare herself and her colleagues for an event that will be a must-visit for everyone in the industry. “Holland Innovative is the knowledge centre for reliability, root cause analysis and data science. It goes without saying that we want to profile ourselves in these fields. It’s our everyday job, but an event like this is part of that goal: this is the opportunity for everyone active in the field of reliability – and the ones that should be – to be updated on the latest trends and developments.”

The industry is in full development, notes Van den Bliek. “For many companies, reliability is still something new. They are looking for opportunities, best practices and how to successfully implement reliability in their organization. At last year’s event, we already noticed that there is a great need for them to connect with the people and companies that are already more advanced. This concerns both the basics as well as the latest developments, such as the increasing possibilities of competencies in the field of data science. Because one thing is sure: if there is anything that will influence our profession in the coming years and can take it to the next level, this is it”.

Because the event was originally planned for this June, much of the preparation has already been taken care of. Keynote speakers, for example, have already been found. Van den Bliek is expecting an audience that for the most part will come from the Benelux countries and Germany.

“In addition, there will certainly be participants from farther away, for example when they see that Prof. Michael Pecht, professor at the University of Maryland, is providing one of the keynotes.” The visitors are expected to be mainly people who already know something about the importance of reliability but are still looking for the best interpretation of it or what next steps they can take. “People who have already thought about the possibilities, but for whom the practice is still difficult. Especially when it comes to the next steps, where reliability and root cause analysis are lifted to reliability 2.0 thanks to data science.”

The programme will consist of a mix of lectures on real cases and concrete visions, panel discussions and thinktank-like meetings that are scheduled as ‘open expert groups’. In addition to the networking moments, there is a meet & match for better mutual understanding. “In the ‘open expert groups’, it’s all about being able to talk about a specific theme you want to learn more about or special issues you want to address, in small groups or even one-on-one. Our own specialists will play an important role in this; the underlying aim is the exchange of knowledge.”

In addition to being useful and important, the seminar should also be pleasant, continues van den Bliek. “In the first place, this will be found in the meetings themselves, with people who come together around a certain subject that they all care about. Through our conversations, we learn from each other, so we all get better. This will happen during the sessions as well as in the lunches and breaks. Apart from that, of course, we’ll also provide an enjoyable and innovative evening programme. Including a visit to one of the precision engineering and reliability highlights of the region.”

Although much of the preparations have already been done, Van den Bliek is not going to lean back. “We will be using the extra time to prepare our audience with extra information: we’ll be publishing interviews with the keynote speakers, analyses around the world of data science and reliability and other interesting stories. They’ll be warming up our potential visitors for the event.”

When will the seminar be a success for Holland Innovative and the event’s participants? Van den Bliek: “When they have heard a lot of new stories and interesting visions, have seen the best practices, gained knowledge, were able talk to interesting people and found ways to put all this into everyday practice. In short: when all this has given them a better picture of the role that data science can and will play in the field of reliability and root cause analysis. You bet that we are going to make that happen!”