estadio Camp Nou © Image by FrodeCJ from Pixabay

Impressive developments at Monastry “De Koningshoeven”!

Waterschap de Dommel showed us their project water & circular economy, originated with technology from space where the waste water from the Brewery as well as the grey and black water from the Monastry is completely recycled!

On only 600m2 it’s already possible to recycle the waste water of 10.000 households, breakeven with existing technology and in a way it’s nice to be there: recycling in a greenhouse with spin-off of a catfish nursery, possibility of a butterfly garden beside new valuable raw materials.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could develop in Brainport the first Campus, City or other hotspot with a 100% recycling of waste water! It’s possible NOW, we just need to DO IT!

Just a great example we from Holland Innovative like to see and contribute wherever possible to be able to make a better place on earth and really work on the Sustainable Development Goals to improve quality of life!

Who likes to mutual investigate in next steps and take care of our next generation?! Ideas, suggestions or other feedback more than welcome!

Hans Meeske