The VIRAPOC consortium is a collaboration of companies in lab-on-a-chip, molecular biology, software, design, electronics and medical legislation. We work together to bring a quick, reliable COVID-19 test to the market. The Netherlands has been working on limiting the spread of the coronavirus for the past months, with the aim of limiting the number of new infections. Evidently, this is a tremendous logistical challenge. Test capacity is limited, result-processing time is too long and the reliability of the test leaves room for improvement. To determine whether someone is infected, preferably before this person has any symptoms, you need a very sensitive and specific, quick test. The aim of the VIRAPOC consortium is to develop such a test, with financial aid from the European Union, via the EFRO fonds.

Holland Innovative will support the consortium in defining the user needs, the setup of a quality management system and the certification process. With years of experience in medical device development, and we will support the partners with the device development in relation to the legislation.