• The Complete Project Manager - Roel Wessels


As an experienced project manager, physicist and musician, Roel Wessels gives focus on reducing complexity and connecting people, methods and ways of thinking. Besides that, the main goal is to make project management fun (again) for the project manager, team members and environment!

Publisher: Van Haren Publishing
Language: English
ISBN: 9789401804004
Author: Roel Wessels – Holland Innovative

&-&-& Paradox

More with less. Being on top of it but also giving space. Seeing insecurities but still give commitment.

Today's project manager must be able to deal with the & - & - & - paradox


Your Agile inspirator, the TomTom. Why is the TomTom so effective as a project manager?

Stay in control and continue to show action as long as the goal has not been achieved, even (or precisely) when things are not going well!

The Heartbeat

Why rhythm is necessary when it comes to management, communication, feedback and the realization of learning capacity.

Creating rhythm is an essential success factor in project management; without a heartbeat no PDCA cycle.

The blind check

Ticking boxes is awarded with a boost of dopamine, which makes you want to do it again. But watch out for the blind check!

Reward your brain with a boost of dopamine that motivates you to achieve your goals.

Roel Wessels
Roel WesselsSr. Director Projectmanagement & Technology

“Wow”, “What energy”, “A great event”! The long line at the signing session for Roel Wessels’ new book ‘The Complete Project Manager’ proves it, the book presentation was a huge success. With his presentation, Roel seduced the audience with his jokes, voices and videos. Especially because, despite the light-hearted and humorous tone of his presentation, he puts the finger on the sore spot: the project manager is having a hard time and his role is changing. Watch the impression of the book presentation here (video is in Dutch):

This book is about the how of project management, and how you as a project manager with a proactive attitude, can keep control in difficult situations. How you become an influencer on the road to the result, of your environment, your team and your own effectiveness.

Roel Wessels (1969) is married, a father of two children and works at Holland Innovative as Sr. Director Project Management & Technology. Before that, he worked as a senior director innovation at Assembléon, where he was responsible for product development. He developed himself in project management and product development at companies such as DAF Trucks, Ordina, Vanderlande Industries and Philips.

Roel is a physicist, but making music played an important role in his development. With the credo “I am the project manager in the band and the artist in the development team”, he passionately strives to bring two fascinating worlds together. In this book, project management is discussed from the eyes of the project manager, the physicist and the musician.

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What you can learn from this book:

  • A project manager’s basic techniques, fitted for Agile and traditional environments

  • How to integrate the many available project management methods in your own work process

  • How, with the right leadership and behaviour, you can achieve huge gains in effectiveness and efficiency by always taking control (factor 10)

  • How to combine traditional waterfall-oriented product development with Agile (software) development

  • How to look at uncertainties and changes as a friend rather than an enemy

  • How to structure complex projects into an easily organized program of partial results

  • How to measure the actual project status from the start of the project based on the critical parameters

  • How you create the frameworks for teams of knowledge workers to organize themselves and work effectively (together)

  • How to create progress, learning capacity, communication and goal orientation in every situation with a tempting heartbeat

  • How you ensure that collaboration with client and stakeholders becomes a co-production, regardless of the circumstances

  • How, above all else, you can stay yourself