The high tech and medical industry is responsible for a large part of our economic growth, and therefore of our prosperity. It is now well known that this hardware-dominated world cannot do without software expertise, but good process control, reliability and project management are at least as important. Holland Innovative helps the high-tech and medical industry with this, both in projects on location and through training. In a series of articles, we show how. Today: Martijn van Raamsdonk

Martijn van RaamsdonkMartijn van Raamsdonk is Sales representative of HI’s Academy and in that role responsible for the organization of HI’s training programs. “My own education in hospitality and commercial economics form the ideal basis for this. In addition, I know how to adapt to the existing culture, both here within Holland Innovative and with customers. In fact, it all fits together very well.”

The HI Academy supports the competence development of individuals and their organisation. Together with renowned knowledge institutes such as the University of Amsterdam, Universität Stuttgart and TU Delft, training courses and workshops are offered in Project Management, Product & Process Development and Reliability. All of them are intertwined with recognised methods such as Green Belt, Black Belt and Six Sigma, as well as with data science and statistics. Next to that, there are also more specific programs, for example on Medical Device Development. “We offer our training courses with both free registration and in-company”, explains Van Raamsdonk. “Our customised approach is fully in line with an organisation’s needs and strategy. The link with the practice is very important to us in this respect.” This is reflected, for example, in the cases dealt with during such a training course. “We make sure that they are recognisable to the participants and preferably even come from their own practice.”

The groups vary in size, but with five or six people a good training is already possible. “But no matter how large the group, our offer is always specifically tailored to the customer. In order to get the needs of such a company completely clear, I always go there in advance for a meeting; on the spot I can get the best feeling for the circumstances and expectations. Often the trainer goes along to a preliminary meeting of this kind. He knows where to put the emphasis.”

Not only his background in the hospitality industry, but also the other wanderings Van Raamsdonk made before coming to HI, help him in his current position. His years in recruitment, mostly for technical sectors, provide him with useful experience for his current tasks. The most important of these is to bring Holland Innovative’s training courses to the attention of potential participants. “This involves a lot of things: visiting events, acquisition, questionnaires, customer meetings, putting together the study material, coordinating with the teachers, but also the entire administrative process. Of course, I don’t do this on my own; we form a close-knit team here at the High Tech Campus where we always support each other.”

Van Raamsdonk is always looking for new participants to the Academy, but at the same time, he can count on a large existing network of people and companies that already know how to find him. “We have a large clientele, a really warm network. Of course, that helps – and at the same time it is a good signal that customers continue to visit us.”.

Martijn van Raamsdonk
Sales representative of HI’s Academy