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If there is one thing that is decisive for the big football stadiums of our world, it is the quality of the grass. As forerunner in football stadiums, The Johan Cruijff Arena has the status of the pitch being tracked 24/7 with dozens of sensors under and above the grass. All in collaboration with the HI Sport’s data team.

Thanks to pressure sensors in the shoes of the grass team, an even better picture of the condition of the field will be obtained. The advantages of the shoes go from quality of the result to cost savings. The Smart Shoes could even save up to 86% of the initial costs of the current way of measuring according to Joep van Cranenbroek (data biologist at Holland Innovative).

Source [HI-sports], The first test results gathered by walking on the pitch inside the Johan Cruijff ArenA. The color saturation represents the firmness of each step.

The first results in the Johan Cruijff ArenA are promising: the soles offer useful extra information, on top of the data that were already collected via the more than forty sensors in the stadium. The next steps will be to try and convince other football stadiums, and national and international football organizations like KNVB and UEFA.

But even beyond that, the ultimate goal of HI Sports is to help Holland Innovative with its efforts in other industries as well. Most of all: precision agriculture. Data is an all-important component in this. But for now, Van Cranenbroek will be finetuning the tests in the Johan Cruijff ArenA. “For now, much of what we do is based on assumptions. The more we test, the more we know about things like accuracy, repeatability, and reproducibility.

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