Flora Fluids: The interaction of High-end technology with nature


According to Flora Fluids plants can be considered as small chemical factories. Plants produce numerous compounds that fulfill important roles within the plant’s vital and defense mechanisms. Some of these compounds used for their defense mechanisms can be useful for other purposes as well; for many years these compounds or nutrients are important ingredients in >>>



“Innovation makes breast examination less painful”

Sigmascreening – a spin-off company from the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam- developed within a 5-year period a new system that not only offers an improvement in quality, but also makes X-ray examination for breast cancer generally far less painful for women. The company recently received an important EU certification >>>

Test Bench Medical Tech Startups


The new ‘TechMed’ test bench of the University of Twente enables high tech companies in the health sector to test their products or services in a simulated and realistic environment. The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) supports the new initiative.

By testing medical technology in a high-quality simulated hospital environment, faster market introduction will be possible: >>>

Customised in-company training and coaching


“Customised in-company training and coaching”

Many of our customers make small numbers of expensive devices, also known as High Capex Low Volume. The customer expects the products or machines to have a high availability with a long lifetime cycle and that requires a top-notch reliability.

Holland Innovative is increasingly asked to take care of the training in >>>

OTB Solar


“Six Sigma application in actual projects”

 OTB Solar (now Meyer Burger) delivers production lines for the manufacture of solar cells. These production lines, consisting partly of their own equipment and partly of purchased machines, are installed at the customer’s premises. The processes have to be aligned with each other to achieve the optimal efficiency of the >>>