Project Description

The new ‘TechMed’ test bench of the University of Twente enables high tech companies in the health sector to test their products or services in a simulated and realistic environment. The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) supports the new initiative.

By testing medical technology in a high-quality simulated hospital environment, faster market introduction will be possible: prior to clinical trials and approval procedures, valuable knowledge and experience can be collected. Product tests will take place in UT’s Experimental Centre for Technical Medicine (ECTM), with a fully-equipped Operation Room and an Intensive Care Unit – including patient simulators. ECTM is used for education, within the Technical Medicine program, and for research.

Personalized MRI drilling template
Within the TechMed test bench, ECTM’s facilities and knowledge come within reach of start-up companies in medical technology and services. Medical imaging & diagnostics and medical sensing & stimulation will be the first two domains TechMed is focusing on. Experimental projects already started in breast tumor detection using magnetic fields and in the development of a personalized MRI drilling template for scoliosis operations.

The TechMed test bench is based at the University of Twente. DKMS, Panton and Holland Innovative are the first partners of the test bench. This parnership gives Holland Innovative the opportunity to contribute in the research and development of relevant medical innovations. The network of Holland Innovative can also benefit and use the facilities of the TechMed test bench.


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