Project Description

“A passionate project manager pulls a new idea through the innovation funnel”

Holland Innovative organises HighTech Meets innovation workshops 8 times a year on average. HighTech meets Agro is one of these innovation workshops where themes are discussed and groups formulate and outline their ideas in a first project charter (statement of work). Recycold originated from such a workshop. Jan Vorstermans, Agro & Food business developer at Holland Innovative, supervised the thermal packaging idea from the moment of its inception until actual product development and market introduction.

De ‘cool’ cool box
Recycold is a single-use cool box that can be disposed of through normal recycling channels for private users. The Recycold is made from sustainable cardboard, printed with non-toxic ink and contains cooling elements made of food grade gel. The packaging allows food to be transported without cooling for up to 24 hours even in the summer. A 24-hour cooling period is sufficient for a large segment of the food sector, and this could lead to not only enormous savings in energy, but also completely new logistical solutions. After use, the packaging can be recycled in the beverage packaging category.

In order to ensure that a product introduction is successful, it is important to work on development with partners in the market. The project was set up from the very beginning with Vershuys as the launching customer, Bubento as the manufacturer of cooling elements and HAS Kennistransfer for the placing of students in the development phase. The right partners play a crucial role in successful product development and market introduction. Apart from the food transport market, opportunities are also being sought in other sectors such as pharmacy, where medicines are delivered in thermal packaging.

Passion for the product
The success factor in such a project is a professional puller who not only possesses the capacities and tools of a project manager, but also the passion to pull the product through the innovation funnel and open up networks. Holland Innovative gives employees the scope to develop their entrepreneurial skills and to develop innovations successfully and bring them to the market.