Project Description

“Customised in-company training and coaching”

Many of our customers make small numbers of expensive devices, also known as High Capex Low Volume. The customer expects the products or machines to have a high availability with a long lifetime cycle and that requires a top-notch reliability.

Holland Innovative is increasingly asked to take care of the training in Project management, Design for Six Sigma (DfSS) or Design for Reliability (DfR) and to develop this into a customized training for a wide range of participants. The training serves several purposes. On the one hand there is need for a good method to learn to design ‘ first time right ‘ (DfSS), on the other hand, the customer wants to develop on lifetime (DfR) and bring availability (Availability) to the next level. In addition, customers are actively supported in Root Cause Analysis (RCA) processes including the assurance of failure-forms found in the development process, through a complete project management approach.

Maximum connection to the customer
Because Holland Innovative often is involved in the projects themselves are in the in-company projects cases of the customers added to both learning effect for direct connection and use it to their own practice situation up to maximal use. Holland Innovative coaching trainers of the trainers in-to-be of the customer so that they are capable of independently the initiative by pulling. Together they provide the training is solid as a rock and can be independently extended over time. There is also often a shortened version (Yellow Belt) developed which gives a basic knowledge in dealing with colleagues so that they are involved and able to support the change.

The courses are by most students concluded with a theory test and a practical assignment. Some customers take the initiative to start with an internal user group. Other customers also use the HI (free signup) User Group or share their knowledge on one of the Alumni days.

This maximum connection to the customer also translates into a global support. We support our customers with in-company training and project support on various locations in Europe and as far as the USA and Asia.

Higher level
Holland Innovative is convinced that training without practice is a waste of time. Therefore, different Master Black Belts of Holland Innovative are actively guiding students on the work floor at the client. They reflect with the coaches and are a source of information for everyone in the field of both methodology as well as statistics. This way the theory will be firmly based in the high-tech practice. The Project management, Design for Six Sigma and/or Design for Reliability programs through the approach of Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt have lifted various development departments of customers to a higher level.