Project Description

“Implementatie Design for Reliability for Automotive customers”

In the Automotive sector more and more technologies are being developed and integrated, in particular with regard to engine development. Trends range from the tightening up of environmental requirements and optimization to fuel consumption, weight and total efficiency. Each innovation is coupled with challenges in the field of technology and reliability. Holland Innovative is involved with various Automotive players in the Reliability Engineering of engine and propulsion system development.

Design for Reliability
In conformity with Design for Reliability, Holland Innovative’s Reliability Engineers run through a number of stages together with the client. First of all, the Reliability specifications are established. It is specifically determined how often the customer will accept engine failure. After this, the starting point is considered; where are we now? Subsequently, risk analyses are carried out for the whole system, the subsystem and the crucial components. On the basis of a plan, the designers and suppliers test Reliability together.

Devil’s Advocate
During the Design Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (D-FMEA) the risks in the design are structurally assessed, categorized and prioritized. The role of the external reliability engineer is that of ‘devil’s advocate’. Why do things break down? How do they break down? Accelerated testing occurs by condensing time and increasing the pressure. For this, it is necessary to know about the key parameters: CTQs (Critical to Quality). The CTQs and the underlying dependencies are drawn up at the beginning of the programme together with the customers and form the basis of risk analyses. This results in the elimination of critical risks and the establishment of developed knowledge in models, thus forming a basis for subsequent development and the building up of knowledge – IP for the customer!

Lasting effect
Ultimately, Holland Innovative assists its Automotive customers by enabling them to demonstrate that the new engines and/or propulsion systems meet the set reliability requirements. The objective is sharply defined and the design department is committed to this. Reliability and the Validation of it now constitute an integral part of the Product Development Process in the engine development departments of Holland Innovative’s customers. Thanks to close cooperation with the engineers, the level of knowledge in product development and, in particular, Design for Reliability has been taken to a new level with a lasting effect in the future.