Despite the challenging corona period and the setbacks that it has brought, at Holland Innovative we took on new colleagues to expand the team. And we are still growing! In fact, more than ever, our customers rely on the insights and knowledge of our product and process experts.

Reason why our search for new colleagues – who bring with them more than just a successful career – continues unabated. We are eager to meet potential new colleagues who are as driven as we are to find suitable and innovative solutions for our customers.

So if you are up for a challenge? Check out our vacancies!

New colleagues about starting a new job during the corona pandemic

To draw up a picture for you of what it is that drives us, we spoke with 4 colleagues who started working for us during the corona lockdown this spring. Let us introduce to you:

Jori Verbeek – Joined Holland Innovative on 1 March as Project Manager Medical Technology

“I graduated in Industrial Design and was employed by Philips as Interaction Designer. A detour as a UX consultant brought me back to Philips. I’m analytical with a big dose of human interest. It’s why I’m always on the lookout for innovative and creative solutions to make everyday life better for all. Based on that drive, I started my own medtech company.”

Peter Bosch – System Developer at Holland Innovative since March. Working for Thermo Fischer Scientific as System Integrator for a new program.

“I have 10 years-plus experience in R&D. After studying Applied Physics and acquiring a PhD in biophysics, I started at Micronit. I was asked as system developer at Philips. Developing high-tech products and innovation in a multidisciplinary setting are things that make my heart beat faster.”

Irene van de Graven – Started on June 1 as Sales Representative at the Holland Innovative Academy

“Technology is constantly changing. So are job requirements in this sector. It’s essential to keep on learning in order to maintain added value as an employee. But it doesn’t only apply to employees, but to an organization also. It suits me to work in this sector in which being ahead of your competitors is the name of the game.”

Erik Hutten – Project Manager at Holland Innovative in Enschede since the beginning of June

“I want to stay in charge of my own career. And preferably in the Eastern part of the country. After a long career at Philips, I moved to a small company in airport lighting. Holland Innovative crossed my path through a former colleague at that company. Everything gained momentum when a challenging assignment at VDL in Almelo cropped up.”

How did you experience starting at Holland Innovative during corona?

Jori  – “After a week in the office, corona threw a spanner in the works. Nevertheless, I quickly found my way within Holland Innovative. My entrepreneurial qualities were put to the test: just do it! And colleagues turned out to be very approachable and helpful. Also remotely!”

Peter  – “For me it was very much a soft landing at Holland Innovative. I already knew them from my time at Philips. So, I was familiar with their working methods. During the interviews it was already clear that I would be working at Thermo Fischer. A 4-year project.”

“The start was completely digital. It has been challenging at times, especially as everything is new and I have to find my way round and deal with many different departments.”

Irene  – “In this 1.5-meter society, I had to meet most of my colleagues through Teams. I immediately noticed how much knowledge we have in-house and how actively it is shared with each other. Such a collaborative mindset is inspiring! It’s great to see how everyone works together in order to achieve our goals.”

“In the meantime, I have followed 2 of our courses – and there are more on the list. It’s the best way to find out exactly what we offer as Academy!”

Erik – “Quite by chance, I’d already previously worked for VDL. It just goes to show how important it is to have a good network and to always make sure you leave a good impression.”

“As project manager I now no longer have to deal with political games, which I did have to do as manager before I joined Holland Innovative. I really look forward to being able to use my know-how and experience to help the younger generation thrive. But, first, I need to have some coaching in teaching skills. So, I’m not only working on the professional growth of others, but also my own, personal and professional development.”

Does the job meet your expectations so far?

Jori – “My heart lies in meaningful product development, especially for products in the medical sector. In this sector products can have a major beneficial impact on people’s wellbeing. And I also love project management, it allows you to be involved in the complete process, from start to finish. For me, these are the foundations on which I want to build my further professional development. For example: Design for Six Sigma. That’s something new to me and therefore a challenge that I’m looking forward to taking on!”

Peter – “Here at Holland Innovative you can take bigger steps in your professional development. The other thing is that you can opt to remain a generalist, working for anything from SMEs to multinationals. Or you can become specialised and work for a single client for a longer period of time. Whatever you choose, in everything we do, the main question here remains: how can we combine technology and product development as efficiently as possible?”

“And of course, we’re all encouraged to foster a lifelong learning mindset. At the moment, I’m following the Black Belt course. After that, I will broaden my competences from reliability till leadership.”

Irene – “I personally find it very important to keep on learning, my whole life long. It helps me talk to and understand customers. For the time being, I’ll be focussing on customers and companies in the Enschede region. I’ll be making an inventory of their needs and requirements in order to be able to offer relevant courses or trainings.”

Erik – “Holland Innovative offers many opportunities for self-development. It’s our ambition to boost our name here in the region. It’s a great opportunity to use my network and at the same time it’s also a personal challenge for me. Up till now I’ve had little or no sales experience. I’ll be working in close collaboration with Irene. I’ll do so, in addition to my assignment at VDL as project manager.

Why did you choose working for Holland Innovative?

Jori – “The great entrepreneurial spirit! All my colleagues have a wealth of experience and know how. It’s not only inspiring to work alongside them, but I get to learn so many new things. And because it’s such a flat organization, there is plenty of room to develop yourself further. In everything we do, we rely on each other’s expertise.”

“In the short period of time that I’ve been working here, I’ve already followed 2 courses in the area of project management. They’ve been a real eye-opener.”

Peter – “The coaching mindset that is all-present here and the firm belief that sharing knowledge should be a lifelong learning experience, appeal to me greatly. As well as the open culture of a smaller organization! You can contact colleagues in the knowledge that they are willing to listen.”

Irene – “In short, we all pursue the same goal: providing people the opportunity to develop themselves to the full.”

“The Holland Innovative Academy is all about knowing exactly what a customer is looking for and what the right training or course is for them. I find it fascinating to hear what someone’s passion or motivation is. I’m always looking for the best way to boost their professional development through learning.

Erik – “The people at Holland Innovative are always on the lookout for people who are inquisitive and willing to engage. If you bring with you the know-how they need combined with an entrepreneurial spirit, they’re game. I like this open mindset.”

“What I notice is, that in these uncertain times, people are scared or hesitant to switch jobs. Yet, I believe fear is a bad counsellor. You have to keep developing. And if a new job matches where you’re at in your professional development, you have to dare to take that step. I know that I have found my match here at Holland Innovative.”

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