Holland Innovative’s ambition is to be the global leader in the competence areas of Reliability, Regulatory, Project Management, and Design for Six Sigma. The international focus strengthens the value of our proposition to customers. Our new colleagues Eleonora Annigoni and Anna Ezerskaia are helping us to further realize that global ambition.

Let us introduce to you our 2 new colleagues who started working for us this summer.

Meet our new colleagues Eleonora Annigoni  & Anna Ezerskaia

Eleonora Annigoni Reliability Specialist at Holland Innovative since July

“The personal development opportunities are really attractive. I’m not new to Reliability – I bring 7 years’ experience with me. But here, I’m working with others who have so much more! I really believe Holland Innovative is leader in this field, and being able to work among the top people is great.”

Anna Ezerskaia Project Manager at Holland Innovative since September

“In general, I find the corporate culture quite inclusive, with the biggest difference in terms of gender. Before I came to Holland Innovative, the high-tech world I’ve experienced has been typically populated by men. I’m especially delighted to work in an environment characterized by collaboration – not competition – between managers.”

How did you come to work for Holland Innovative?

Eleonora – ”I was born in Italy, but lived eight years in Switzerland before moving here. My field of study was Mathematics. I did my PhD and post-doc at EPFL (Switzerland) on solar panel reliability, and later worked for a Swiss solar panel manufacturer. But I was always interested in going deeper into the mathematical methods of reliability.

I first considered working in the solar industry in the Netherlands, but changed my plans when I found Holland Innovative. It felt like a great opportunity to become a reliability expert. I find the idea of applying the methodologies to different high-tech products very exciting!”

Anna – ”Back in Russia, I studied biotechnology with a focus on optics at St. Petersburg National Research University, but I did my PhD in Delft. While there, I conducted research for Philips. It was my first time working with Industry, and it offered me things I really liked – such as speed, development, and goal-orientation – that Academia didn’t.

After starting at ASML as Design Engineer, I quickly grew into a Team-lead position, and discovered management really appealed to me. I had just finished acquiring the extra certifications I needed when I heard about HI via a friend. It offered exactly the kind of collaborative community and competences environment I was looking for.”

What was most appealing about this new position?

Eleonora – ”That it’s not just about consulting: it’s also quite active in training and workshops. As an employee, you have the chance to continuously learn and develop new skills. Keeping our own knowledge up to date makes the job very dynamic! It’s also exciting to work on such different projects, and come into contact with such a wide network of high-tech companies.”

Anna – ”The opportunity to evolve. In engineering, there are established frameworks, and it often works top-down. In Project Management, you can experiment and adapt different frameworks and elements to create your own hybrid model which suits the team’s progress. I also liked the idea of working for Hans. I read an article of his on professional development, and could really relate to it; about collaboration, about sharing, about diversity – and the more diversity, the more interesting the results. He’s someone I’d like to learn more from.”

How are things going so far?

Eleonora – ”Much better than I expected, considering the Corona situation. When I started – via Teams – it immediately felt good.  I’m now working for ASML on a big project. We can organize among ourselves if I go to their location, work from home, or at the HI office.

And it is a very collaborative environment among my HI colleagues – more than I expected! People are very open and friendly, and willing to offer help. I feel I can ask questions, and not be judged. This open Dutch culture is what I like most.”

Anna – I’m currently working on three different projects for Thermofisher, and also taking a Root Cause Analysis course, so I’m very busy.  I didn’t have any kind of cultural shock and feel quite comfortable in the Netherlands. I’ve even learned to enjoy beer! Before I was a wine person, but Dutch beer just tastes so good!

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