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“The best investment you can make, is in yourself” – Warren Buffett

Here at Holland Innovative we get to see the living proof of how investing in yourself and your own knowledge is the best investment you can make. Why? Because, in a world that is fast changing due to so-called disruptive technologies, it’s essential that experts such as  project managers, engineers and developers ensure their know-how and expertise keeps pace with such new insights and technologies.

Ensuring their experts are in the know, is a prerequisite for organisations to be able to continuously optimize processes and thereby maintain their competitive edge. In fact, trusting things will be OK based on current expertise is not the way to go. Acquiring relevant know-how as part of an ongoing learning process is.

But it’s more than just gaining knowledge. It’s about what we call the Importance of Learning: when both personal and professional development are considered as part and parcel of your daily work. Only then will learning foster and maximise growth. We are convinced that in addition to acquiring knowledge and insights, the opportunity to share knowledge within a lively network of professionals is the true added value of learning.

Knowledge sharing – the true added value of learning

How do you continue to develop yourself optimally and to acquire knowledge? In order to keep up with the developments that occur? After all, to stay in the know of things in such a fast-paced world is anybody’s challenge.

Based on our longstanding experience, we know that the solution to this dilemma lies in learning from each other. We believe in the power of cross-pollination: sharing knowledge and information as an ongoing mutual discussion within a network of partners and experts. This idea of knowledge sharing is at the very heart of all our courses. We consider  participants not as passive listeners, but as people eager to acquire and share knowledge actively.

In this way, we create an inspiring environment where you not only learn from your teacher, but also from each other. Listening to each other, participants get acquainted with each other’s companies and challenges. We create the opportunity to discuss possible mutual, collaborative benefits. Not surprisingly, we see many fruitful business partnerships evolve between course participants.

High Tech and MedTech

Until now, our courses have largely catered to the High-Tech industry. But recently we see a growing demand within the medical and healthcare tech industry for product- and process-oriented training.

Within this sector - characterised by high development costs - design flaws even in the earliest development phases can result in significant impacts in product time-to-market. Left undetected, such errors can even be the cause of costly and extended litigation. That the time-to-market is important is also demonstrated by the recent corona crisis where new production resources are developed and released in shorter periods of time. It goes without saying that High-Tech and MedTech can learn a lot from each other and our experience in the various markets is beneficial for our customers. In fact, up-to-date and relevant know-how as regards product quality, safety and reliability is essential for the commercial success of any new healthcare product.

To meet market demand, we now offer three MedTech courses within the HI-Academy. Based on input from partners within the industry, all three courses focus on actual cases. In this way, we ensure  participants get hands-on practice dealing with and solving real, industry-related issues. A case-in-point is our CE Certification of Your Medical Device training. This course covers the essential steps that need to be followed during the development and production phases in order to ensure product certification, without having to go back to the drawing board.

The power of networking

Our approach to learning ensures participants learn to build on their network. We help them establish valuable, collaborative business partnerships within a lively supporting network of like-minded professionals. Such networks are actively supported by us in the way of User Groups. What’s more, former participants also regularly call on us for advice or even contribute to one of our courses. It’s how we ensure that learning becomes so much more than just following a course!

Effective insights in 1 day

The short, one-day trainings are also popular. Typically, managers or directors attend such trainings to brush up on or get a quick insight into  a specialist subject. Such one-day trainings are also often used to see if the subject is applicable within an organisation and, if so, which professional could benefit the most from a full course. Based on such findings, training budgets can be applied effectively and efficiently.

For whom?

All our participants are unique. Based on where they find themselves in their career, their know-how, insights and their professional experience, every person has his or her own particular learning needs. It’s why we offer our courses at many different levels: not only fitting a person’s professional role, but also reflecting individual requirements. Whatever is called for, we provide it.

Interested in our training programs?

We would like to invite you to share knowledge, explore learning paths and next steps in your personal development. Are you curious, open to create and seize opportunities or interested in an open conversation? We welcome you at one of our offices. Feel free to contact us via or start orientating yourself on one of the many possibilities within the HI-Academy.

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