Guidelines on Holland Innovative policy regarding the outbreak of COVID-19

The health and well-being of our employees, customers, students and all our relations has the highest priority.

The most recent policy is below and will be updated as necessary.

Eindhoven, March 23, 2020


In general, Holland Innovative follows the guidelines as set by the national government:

Holland Innovative internal guidelines:

  • Employees who do not necessarily have to be at the HI work locations are asked to work from home, even if there are no complaints.
  • Employees who work for customers follow the customer’s guidelines. When the customer offers the opportunity to work from home and this fits with the requested work, then this also happens.
  • Cancel visits / participation in (major) events when your visit / participation is not necessarily necessary. This also applies to internal consultations that are not necessarily required now. If it is important business wise to be present, this is coordinated in advance with the management, Hans Meeske and / or Ivo Aarninkhof.
  • If you have symptoms or you do not feel 100% well, you stay at home, this also applies to all cases of fever, cough, pain, breathing problems.
  • Employees who stay at home contact HR: Eefke van Daal and / or management: Hans Meeske / Ivo Aarninkhof.

For students and guests, if there are any symptoms or if you do not feel 100% well, refrain from visiting our offices. This also applies to all cases of fever, cough, pain, breathing problems and suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection. The same applies if you have been visiting one of the risk areas in the past 14 days as indicated by RIVM.

Our colleague Marcel Logger getting ready for Live Online Interactive Training (LOIT) with participants from different locations.

Training and workshops

Regarding the health of all participants and trainers, Holland Innovative has decided until further notice, at least until June 01, to have all training courses take place digitally. Our training locations in Eindhoven and Enschede are equipped with the latest communication technologies, making it possible for all students to follow the training in an excellent manner. We have recently tested and conducted training courses in this way.

What does this mean?

  • Participation in training is possible from a location to be chosen by the participant.
  • The materials will be shared digitally.
  • Where exercises are done in separate work groups, this will now be done digitally.

What is needed for hardware / software? What does it take to prepare?

  • A laptop or computer with a stable internet connection.
  • Preferably a (built-in or separate) camera; it works much better when we can see each other.
  • Headset with microphone is practical, but it also works great via the built-in microphone and speakers of the laptop.
  • Installing Microsoft Teams. If Microsoft Teams is not already installed, this can be done via the link sent in the invitation.

What does it take to prepare?

  • Very little. The participant will receive an email with the invitation to participate in the team and the relevant training material.

Our trainer will first contact each participant personally via video conferencing. He or she will take the initiative for this. This is the ideal time for participants to briefly discuss explicit training goals.

Kind regards,
Team Holland Innovative

Ivo Aarninkhof
Hans Meeske