In the autumn of 2021, Holland Innovative will present the event ‘Product Development of the Future’, organised by Roel Wessels and Bert van Appeven.

Roel, well known for his book ‘The Complete Project Manager‘, is an experienced project manager, physicist and musician. Bert is an expert in product innovation management, with international experience in R&D, Strategic Business Unit and numerous new product introductions. Together, they will bring their expertise to think about the achievements and challenges that professionals can face in the future.

During this event, they will look ahead with the best professionals from the industry to discuss and think about what the execution of product development will look like in a few years’ time.

Which supporting technologies can we welcome, how organizations’ structure will be developed, how do we take the next step in agility and self-organization, what will this require from the employees’ competencies, how will data and digitalization change the field and what type of leadership will be needed are just some of the questions that will be addressed at the meeting.

They already have many ideas about it, but they would like to be inspired during the presentation. That is why they want you to enjoy the interaction with others as much as possible before and during the event!

Would you like to share what you already have been experimenting in your organization with “product development of the future” or do you have an interesting view on it? Get in touch with them via:

Roel Wessels Sr Dir Project Management & Technology
Bert van Appeven,
Bert van AppevenDirector Project Management