FREE Webinar Data Science

Getting data science done in the organization is tough …

Where to start? How to get focus? How to get flow in data science projects, and avoid that they are drowned in an ocean of ideas and ambitions? How to balance the improvement of the current processes and products (incremental innovation) and keeping pace with rapid innovation and new technologies (disruptive innovation)? The purpose of this workshop is to help a management team to take the bull by the horns, and take a decisive step in getting a data-science initiative off the ground.

What will we do?

Think strategically! Understand what’s going on in your industry and business, and translate it into data science opportunities. Achieve focus by creating an innovation roadmap on multiple horizons.

Get organized! Create an effective organizational infrastructure for data science, so that data scientists can do their jobs. Translate strategy into manageable projects, and translate ambitions into data-analytic problems and into a data-analytic workflow.

Get it done! Understand how to get flow in data science projects, and know-how to lead an agile & a go-getting group of professionals.

Curious where and how to start? What Data Science can mean for your organization? We would like to offer you our FREE one-hour masterclass by Prof. Dr. Jeroen de Mast:

FREE Webinar Data Science

Jeroen is Scientific Director at Holland Innovative, Academic Director JADS (Jheronimus Academy for Data Science) and Professor in Data Science at Waterloo University CA.

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