Knowledge. Experience. Personal skills.

The best way for developing knowledge and skills in Project Management, Product and Process Development and Reliability Engineering is by coupling theory with practice. Holland Innovative manages programmes for customers ranging from actual project implementation to coaching-on-the-job and in-house training courses. The methods used for this by Holland Innovative are divided into three essential elements: Project Management, Product and Process Development and Reliability Engineering.

Projects are carried out efficiently and effectively, designs are right first time and robust products emerge that meet the reliability requirements established in advance. Holland Innovative’s project managers are flexible, communicative people who share their knowledge enthusiastically and take the client to a new level in the field of project management and product and process development.


Project Management

Professional Project Management is a crucial factor in the success of many organisations. Together with you we will take up the challenge to achieve complex projects, usually governed by time budget pressure and a clear market demand/target.

Our Integral Project Managers have a solid grounding and many years of experience in their field. They are able to fathom out projects quickly and are able to manage the often multidisciplinary project team effectively.

Product- and Process Development

Product, Process and Production Development processes often form the core of your organisation. This involves the delivery of robust, high-quality processes that meet the expectations of the customer and are carried out in a cost-effective way.

Our certified Black Belts take the lead in both innovation and enhancement projects. On the basis of the requirements of the customer (Voice of the Customer) and the market (Voice of the Business) projects are defined and decisions are taken on the basis of hard data.

Reliability Engineering

A smooth-running development and production process alone is not enough to bring a successful product to the market. The product must also be reliable. Reliability Engineering is a discipline to be applied integrally during the whole lifecycle of the product.

Our Reliability Specialists work together with your professionals or serve as your Reliability team to support you in the performance of the required engineering and analyses in the design, test and implementation phase.