Startups are booming at High Tech Campus

2018 is the year of the start-ups. High Tech Campus Eindhoven will have the largest start-up hub for tech companies in Europe before the end of this year. The High Tech Plaza, a brand new concept, will consist of three buildings (HTC 12, 27 and 29) that together will launch startups to success.

The three buildings have their own theme within the hub:

High Tech Plaza- Start

Formerly known as HighTechXL Plaza, the Start building (HTC 12) is the start of the hub, and it contains office spaces, meeting rooms and shared event space. This will be the place for companies in the earliest stage. It is all about easy access to the ecosystem.

High Tech Plaza – Support

The Support building (HTC 27) is the place where organizations that support startups connect. It is home to companies like HighTechXL, the accelerator program founded by Guus Frericks; patent specialists; venture capitalists and other investors. It is also the place to where High Tech Plaza members can host events and where tech enablers and startups can work on a flexible basis.

High Tech Plaza – Scale

The Scale building (HTC 29) provides a place to growing startups. Here, bigger offices and lab spaces are available. This building also houses the labs and cleanrooms of iconic Campus residents like Holst Centre, TNO, Teledyne Dalsa and SMART Photonics. In the Scale building, you’re part of the technological heart of the Campus.

This project saw its beginnings in 2016 in the HighTechXL Plaza (HTC 12); a business incubator, founded by Hans Meeske, General Director of Holland Innovative and Bert-Jan Woertman. The incubator’s sole purpose was to provide a space where emerging businesses and entrepreneurs could develop their ideas. The HighTechXL Plaza offered the perfect platform; an ecosystem with easy access to high tech facilities and international connections, and surrounded by multinationals such as Philips, NXP & ASML, and world class research institutes like Holst Centre, Solliance & EIT Digital.

However, this was just the tip of the iceberg. The continual growth of emerging businesses and startups required a bigger podium. The High Tech Plaza will serve that purpose with its over 10,000 square meters of offices and labs, shared facilities, easy possibilities of expansion, and business networks and events organized around the startups’ needs. Drinks, Pitches & Demo’s is one of the current events of the hub; it takes place at HighTechXL Plaza every first Wednesday of the month. During this energetic networking event entrepreneurs, students, and professionals share knowledge and stay informed on breakthrough technologies.

In a nutshell, the High Tech Plaza is the ideal environment for tech companies where opportunities for success are endless. It provides the facilities and access to resources that meets the startups’ ambition to enter the global economy.

Click here for more information about the High Tech Plaza at High Tech Campus.


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