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Holland Innovative Start-up Square

Hannover Messe     23 – 27 April 2018

International markets are extremely interesting for start-ups and innovative companies. The Hannover Messe, the world’s largest industrial fair, is the perfect example. With over 70 participating countries, 6500 exhibiters and more than 250.000 visitors, this global event becomes ‘the place to be’ for high tech experts, corporates and start-ups.

Hans Meeske and z.k.h. prins Constantijn

Holland Innovative strongly believes in the nexus between start-ups and corporates. By working together, start-ups gain access to the expertise and knowledge that corporates possess while corporates rely on the speed and energy of start-ups to accelerate their innovations and get access to disruptive technologies. At the Hannover Messe, Holland Innovative brings them together creating a win-win situation which results in the ultimate cocktail for innovation.

Are you ready to meet your next client and your new future investor at the Holland Innovative Start-up & Innovation Square?

Contact: Hans.Meeske@holland-innovative.nl
T: +31 (0)6 2061 9096

The Holland Start-up and Innovation Square was present at the Hannover Messe 2017.  For its third year, over 20 Dutch start-ups exhibited their newest high tech innovations. Our entertaining networking and pitching contest events drew international attention and connected start-ups and corporates from Germany and the Netherlands.

Prins Constantijn and the start-ups at the Holland Innovative Start-up Square

Speed dating between start-ups and international corporates

Finalists of the Meet the Industry Giants event

Dr. Sabine Hepperle inaugurates the second day of the Meet the Industry Giants event

The success of these ventures was made possible thanks to the unity and collaboration among organizations from the Netherlands and Germany

Contact: Hans.Meeske@holland-innovative.nl
T: +31 (0)6 2061 9096

Kingdom of the Netherlands
Allianz Industrie 4.0, Baden-Württemberg

27 April 2017

Start‐up battle at the Hannover Messe
Two Dutch start‐ups and two start‐ups from Baden‐Württemberg engage in a fiery discussion on Industry 4.0, Smart Industry and intercultural challenges. Is your business ready for the future?
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25 April 2017

Prins Constantijn had een drukke dag op de Hannover Messe
De voorman van de Nederlandse startupwereld kwam tijd tekort om alle Nederlandse vertegenwoordigers op de grote beurs voor de high tech maakindustrie te kunnen spreken.
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25 April 2017

Deze Nederlandse startups laten zich zien op de Hannover Messe
Twee RTL Z redacteuren struinen deze dagen de Hannover Messe af. Ze presenteren de meest interessante producten die worden getoond. Gert Jan Verstegen zocht bij de jonge Nederlandse bedrijven wat ze te bieden hebben.
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24 April @Hannover Messe, Prince Constantijn meets start-ups

April 25 @Hannover Messe, Minister Henk Kamp at Meet the Industry Giants event


25 April 2017

Amber Mobility to launch self-driving service in the Netherlands by 2018
Amber will provide self-driving vehicles for users with its business-to-business car sharing platform in Eindhoven in the Netherlands by midyear 2018, the company says, with a goal of expanding deployment rapidly from that to its other Dutch markets, including Helmond, and then to the rest of Europe after that.
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25 April 2017

Holland Innovative: Wie Start-ups und Großkonzerne voneinander lernen können
Brücken schlagen zwischen Start-ups und Konzernen: Auf diese Aufgabe hat sich Holland Innovative mit Hauptsitz im niederländischen Eindhoven spezialisiert Lesen

Hannover Messe News Update

38 Dutch start-ups offer their innovations and break through solutions in energy, high tech materials and systems, robotics and software at the Hannover Messe 2017 to potential partners, investors and customers. What not to miss

Contact: Hans.Meeske@holland-innovative.nl
T: +31 (0)6 2061 9096

The Square has a capacity for approximately 20 start-ups . Each participant can subscribe for a cube of 1x1x1 meter at the Start-up Square to present his start-up or innovation. The cube covers a total of 4m2 of exhibition space. If needed, you can request 2 units (equivalent to 8m2). It is also possible to have an open space instead of a cube if you wish to display a large innovation like a machine or robot.

The price for one exhibition space of 4m2 is approximately €1.475 Excl. VAT per company (this amount includes marketing costs from the Hannover Messe OBS system and the Mission Voucher; without the Mission Voucher, the price is €2.975). The Holland Innovative Start-up Square will be centrally designed and is included in the price. Moreover, your subscription grants you access to a lounge and several coffee corners where you can meet with other start-ups, potential investors and clients.

Join the Holland Innovative Start-up Square and show some of the biggest companies in Europe what you’ve got. Make the international connections that will help you take your start-up to the next level. Have a coffee and tell them all about your product or service; one of them might just end up being a new client or investor!

“The Hannover Messe provided the perfect platform to achieve international exposure for Amber and Eindhoven.”

The Hannover Messe brought “many leads, brand awareness and a bigger network.”

Hannover Messe 2017 participants

Holland Innovative Start-up Square 2017

Robot display at the Square

At the Hannover Messe you need to give your ultimate performance, and for that reason, Holland Innovative offers you the best pre-Messe training. In our Get-2-Gether event you will hear the experiences of previous Messe attendants and learn from professionals the best tips to pitch your product or innovation. After the Get-2-Gether you will know how to increase your chances of networking and exposure which will lead you to create lasting impressions and valuable connections that can generate investments, partnerships and business!

Willem Drost gives an introduction speech at the Get-2-Gether event

Robin van Beek, instructor from Vocal Center, coaches start-ups on pitching and product presentation

To further support start-ups, pitching training during the first day of the Hannover Messe is provided to the start-ups exhibiting at the Holland Innovative Start-up Square.

Contact: Hans.Meeske@holland-innovative.nl
T: +31 (0)6 2061 9096

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