BLOG: What is it that Holland Innovative is doing?

Actually, what is it that Holland Innovative is doing? It’s a recurring question I’m asked at (birthday) parties or when meeting people who don’t know Holland Innovative. As far as I’m concerned it is pretty simple: the core of Holland Innovative is knowledge. Knowledge on the key areas of Project Management, Product & Process Development and Reliability.

Within these areas of expertise we are helping a multitude of organisations & companies which are struggling with this type of issues but don’t have the level of knowledge. This can be either a project for a few hours to check certain procedures but also projects that last several years. By using different methodologies and trasferring the knowledge on how to work with it we are helping our partners to increase their internal level of knowledge and improve its development & growth. In short: we help to change question marks into exclamation points. As soon as we’ve succeeded, we’re off to help settling the next question mark.

Next to my colleagues in the field, we have the Holland Innovative Academy. It’s our platform where we offer trainings and workshops in the three areas of expertise. It consists of trainings at our facilities at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven and the University of Twente, but also in-company trainings at our partners. During trainings like Physics of Failure, Green Belt to Black Belt and Projectmanagement Masterclass, our trainers are transfering information and knowledge that can be put into practice directly afterwards. The User Groups allow former trainees to share experiences and ask specific questions. It’s really nice to learn how challenges are dealt with in different organisations. Very useful and fun!

Holland Innovative is all about knowledge; knowledge from areas of expertise that are indispensable for each and every organisation. It is used to set a framework and create structure, to develop a great product ánd to make sure the product is reliable and robust. Holland Innovative is able to support in all these steps with the right training and dedicated professionals.

Do you like to know more about Holland Innovatie and how we can help out? Contact me or one of my colleagues, we’ll gladly tell you more.

Best regards,
Vivian de Corti

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