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RF10: Problem Solving by Root Cause Analysis

To cope with the latest economic situations, organizations must develop new products, processes, and systems faster and with an increasingly higher level of reliability. Failure in the field of parts, products, or systems can cause major damages – such as production loss, rework, warranty claims, and even image loss of the organization in the market.

DetectiveThis training focusses on using a structured and efficient Root Cause Analysis to solve the problems in your product. Processes commonly result in a certain spread on the output – i.e. the function of your products – causing a number of products to not fulfill the requirements and thus have a problem. The participants are trained to be able to perform a Root Cause Analysis for Problem Solving using Statistical Engineering and Shainin Methods in an independent and professional manner. The Shainin Method starts with assuming that there is one single root cause for the problem – or that this root cause has the largest contribution to the problem. The goal is to find that root cause and understand it. The subsequent solution then becomes apparent.

This training will make clear to you why and how the Shainin method works. How to start a problem analysis and how do you assess the measurement system. Which products and data will you investigate and which statistical tools will you need to use. The Shainin method includes many special tools that will be taught extensively. Learn how to deal with failing products and reporting your progress to the management. In short, a complete program to become a complete problem solver.

Program in 5 blocks of 1 day
• Intro to Statistical Engineering (Shainin Methods)
• Isoplot | Sensory Scoring Transform | Concentration Diagrams
• Decision Trees / Split Types | Strategy Diagrams
• Review of Principles | Paired Comparison | Components Search
• Y-X Scatterplots | Process Flow Diagrams | Multi-vari | Active Multi-vari
• Windshield Wiper Chatter
• Logical Pairs | Resistance Limit Transforms | B vs. C / B vs. W
• Group Comparisons | Clue Lists | Operations Search
• Journeyman SE Basics | Tolerance Parallelograms | Precontrol / Process Control | Executive Summary
• Full Factorial DOE | Rank Order Anova | Case Studies

The usage of cases and data from the company is highly recommended to enable immediate results and benefits.


Ko Dousma – Holland Innovative

Course duration and number of participants:
5 days from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. Maximum group size: 16 participants. In-company programs can also be arranged.

Dr. Ko Dousma (Master Black Belt at Holland Innovative) and Dr. Ir. Coen Smits (Reliability Specialist at Holland Innovative)

Location and costs:
Eindhoven: High Tech Campus 9 (Bèta Building)
The costs are €3.500 (excl. VAT) per participant. Included are the 5 training days, a syllabus of the course material, refreshments and daily lunches.

Dates 2019:

Location: Eindhoven
Day 1: 20 march
Day 2: 24 april
Day 3: 22 may
Day 4: 12 june
Day 5: 4 juli

Beta Building High Tech Campus Eindhoven

Locatie Eindhoven

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