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One Day Workshop Root Cause Analysis

To cope with the latest economic situation, organizations must develop new products, processes, and systems faster and with an increasingly higher level of reliability. Failure in the field of parts, products, or systems can cause major damage – such as production loss, rework, warranty claims, and even image loss of the organization in the market.

rcaProblem Solving deals with processes with a spread on the output, leading to examples that do not fit requirements. The Shainin Methodology always assumes a single Root Cause for the problem and the goal is to find this Root Cause and to understand it. When you have found the Root Cause, the solution is most of the time obvious. During this One Day Workshop Root Cause Analysis an awareness will be developed to solve problems with help of the Shainin Methodology. The workshop enables the participants to apply this methodology in their own working environment.

Methodology: ‘Let the parts talk’
The principle of this workshop is: ‘Let the parts talk’. In other words, go to the work floor, take the products that are not meeting requirements and compare these with the correct products. This often teaches more than the overflow of data and statistics that the quality manager receives on a daily basis.

When you have a product that is assembled out of different components, it is a good start to disassemble the product and put it together again. When the malfunction keeps persisting there is a problem with one of the components. When the problem after reassembling has disappeared you can eliminate the components as a possible cause and look at the assembly process steps itself. The underlying thoughts being that differences will appear more clearly when looking at the extremes. This should not be overdone, because the worst of the worst products will deviate so strongly that they will not be representative for the statistical error you want to detect.

• Introduction to Statistical Engineering
• Strategy Diagram + Valve Seat Case
• Measuring Systems – Iso-plot
• Decision Trees
• Multi-vari
• Component search
• Paired Comparison
• B vs. C significance testing
• Wiper Chatter

Presentations will be interspersed with practical examples and exercises.

Ko Dousma ODWRCAv2

Ko Dousma – Holland Innovative

Course duration and number of participants:
1 day from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. Maximum group size: 20 participants. In-company programs can also be arranged.

Dr. Ko Dousma (Master Black Belt at Holland Innovative)

Location and costs:
Eindhoven: High Tech Campus 9 (Bèta Building)
The costs are €495 (excl. VAT) per participant. Included are syllabus training material, refreshments and lunch.

Location: Eindhoven
6 february 2019
24 september 2019

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