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One Day Workshop Quick Response Design

Being able to respond quickly to customer requests is crucial to success in today’s economy. The entire chain of product development, from suppliers to production, is involved in this. Quick Response Design is a new development in time and chain thinking in which the best of Design for Six Sigma, Lean and Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) comes together or, in other words, ‘Design for Time!’.

HLTH_GvO-0050Being able to respond to the demand for short delivery times, smaller batch sizes and more versions of certain products provides an opportunity to create added value in the product price. This requires a totally different approach to product and process development. Quick Response Design (QRD) is a logical answer to this. By employing rapid changeover times and startup of product manufacture as a design parameter during the development of new products and processes, QRM can be fully brought into action. In ‘Design for Time’ the reduction of lead time runs as a common thread through the entire chain of product creation. Design for Six Sigma and Lean are brought into action.

Holland Innovative organizes this workshop in collaboration with QRM Management Center. Quick
Response Design offers opportunities to generate ideas for satisfactory, cost-effective and low-risk solutions. In short, an effective and structured method of working with which you can solve lead time issues and develop your following generation of products. This One Day Workshop QRD is a perfect addition for Green and Black Belts.

Strategic reduction in lead time or ‘Design for Time’ plays the leading role in this One Day Workshop with an introduction to tools and methods from ‘Design for Six Sigma’ and ‘Quick Response Manufacturing’. Using models you will gain an impression of these methods in practice. Lastly, you will focus on how you can make a start with Quick Response Design. In the Product Creation Process DfSS provides the conversion of the customer requirement to Critical to Quality (CTQ) specifications. The DfSS mindset to reduce variation as early as possible in the development process is here too: “prevention is better than cure”. The presentations will alternate with models.

Introduction and overview of the Quick Response
Manufacturing tools:

– Basic principles of Manufacturing Critical-path Time, abbreviated to MCT.
– The formation of Quick Response Cells.
– The measurement of the effect of QRM by the introduction of the QRM number.
– The application of System Dynamics in the optimization of lead time.
– Reference: “It’s About Time” The Competitive Advantage of Quick Response Manufacturing, written by Rajan Suri.

Introduction and overview of the Design for Six Sigma tools:
– Correlation of the Product Creation Process with the Define, Identify, Design, Optimize, Verify steps contained in DfSS.
– The conversion of the customer requirement to measurable units, the Critical to Quality (CTQ) parameters.
– The importance of recognizing the sources of variation in the CTQs, the measurement and the corresponding measurement systems.

Quick Response Design: the connection between QRM and Design for Six Sigma in the product development process.

Critical to Quality thinking, QRD and the understanding and reduction of variation in processes.

Programme management with aspects relating to the organization of training, project implementation and support.

Henk van Haren - Holland Innovative

Henk van Haren – Holland Innovative

Course duration and number of participants:
1 day from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. Maximum group size: 20 participants. In-company programs can also be arranged.

Ing. Henk van Haren (Master Black Belt at Holland Innovative).

Location and costs:
Eindhoven: High Tech Campus 9 (Bèta Building)
The costs are €495 (excl. VAT) per participant. Included are syllabus training material, refreshments and lunch.

Dates 2018:
Location: Eindhoven
March, 15
September, 5

Beta Building High Tech Campus Eindhoven

Location Eindhoven

Location: Enschede
April, 16
October, 12

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