Lezing op Applied Reliability Symposium

_MG_2018-2Van 4-6 april 2016 vindt in München het International Applied Reliability Symposium plaats (ARS Europe). ARS Europe biedt een forum voor experts uit zowel de industrie alsook de overheid. Het symposium is interessant voor Reliability Engineers die zich bezig houden met echte werelduitdagingen. Dit jaar verzorgt Ronald Schop van Holland Innovative een lezing met de titel “Reliability Validation Test Substantiation”:

Reliability Validation Test Substantiation
This session introduces a method to assess “more objectively” the combination of the engineering efforts and the actual scheduled tests from your DVP&R (Design Verification Plan & Report) in a product development program. It provides a pragmatic method to involve technical engineers in setting up a proper reliability validation plan based on their own Design FMEA results and getting them enthusiastic for test plan creation!

The methodology is derived from the Binomial/Weibayes combination. The minimal proven reliability on a certain confidence level after successful completion of zero-failures tests; the Quality Acceptance test procedure. Using the same formulas, the Probability of Detection (PoD) is calculated, based on all the test planned plus the engineering efforts to prevent the failure mechanism to occur. Test credit is given for successful engineering efforts!

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