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Reliability growth & Trend analysis
using Crow-AMSAA

The current economic situation requires products and processes to perform with increasing Reliability. Failure of an installed system or offered service can lead to significant claims, customer dissatisfaction, and Brand damage. Reliability Growth and Trend Analysis will help to get a grip on the performance and growth of your product and your process, during development and during operation.



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Integration into the Product Creation Process:
In this training you will learn how Reliability Growth and Trends in general can be modelled and measured during project validation using Crow-AMSAA and Extended Crow- AMSAA techniques. This results in a forecast of the actual System Reliability and Life Cycle Cost in the field. In addition, the impact of product changes and process changes can be quantified, showing the effectiveness of Management Decisions regarding Reliability Growth.

A selection of the skills that will be acquired:
Trend and Reliability Growth analyses are learned based on warranty, test, process, and field data. During these analyses, changes in the system (product) and the design processes are tracked for their impact on the overall performance. Typical process changes included are imple-mentations of different designs, preventive maintenance, inspections, additional training, organisational changes, proper instructions, etc. You will learn to analyse as well as control Trends in your Reliability; manage and increase the Reliability Growth of your products and processes, using state-of-the-art Crow-AMSAA techniques.

The aim and result of the training:
You will become knowledgeable in managing the Reliability and Reliability Growth of your products and processes, capable of creating reliability and risk analyses of complex systems. Focus on early Design concepts will lead to pro-active and solid engineering and management recom-mendations throughout the entire Product Creation Process. As an expert you will take the lead in projects on the aspect of system Reliability, closely cooperating with the Six Sigma methodologies.

Target group:
The course aims at professionals working in reliability, project management, process improvement, design, testing, warranty, maintenance, or inspection.

Product leadership: ‘factor 10’:
What does it mean for your business if you can develop a reliable product – first time right? Or if you can gain insight into complex system designs with its risks identified, defined, and quantified at an early stage? ‘Factor 10’ approach: Defining the value of controlling these risks and defining activities to mitigate risks beforehand, leading to higher reliability of your product. Mastering Reliability Growth methods and techniques is important to achieve a superior product quality. In this training, the ‘factor 10’ approach will be integrated in all topics.

Academic or higher vocational education level, or a similar level of knowledge acquired through experience. Participants are recommended to have completed a Reliability workshop or training involving Weibull statistics.

A laptop with (free demo version of) ReliaSoft RGA. Note: demo version is valid for 21 days after activation.


Day 1

  • Reliability Growth in PCP; Tools, Methods, Deliverables
  • Basics of Crow-AMSAA methodology, NHPP, Beta values
  • Relation with Weibull and Poisson distribution
  • Plot interpretation, Goodness-of-Fit
  • Process and Installed Base Reliability performance
  • System Reliability with mixtures of Failure Modes
  • Exercises using WinSmith and Reliasoft RGA software

Day 2

  • Early Reliability Predictions, Adverse System Reliability trends
  • Prediction of new failure modes, Verification of Engineering predictions
  • Extended Crow-AMSAA; estimating final Reliability after all tests are finished
  • Effect of Design and Quality changes
  • Results of Management Strategy
  • Embedding in Product Development
  • Exercises using Reliasoft RGA software

Course duration and number of participants
1 Block of 2 days, from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. Maximum group size: 18 participants.

Ing. Ronald Schop, Holland Innovative BV


Location: Eindhoven
Day 1 : 25 june 2019
Day 2 : 26 june 2019

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