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Project Management for Data Scientists

Data scientists are T-shaped professionals. They have deep expertise in analytics and data engineering (the vertical bar in the T), but they also master boundary-crossing skills such as leadership, problem solving and project management — that is the horizontal bar. This course trains data scientists in the skills needed to get things done in an organization. How to work with people and win their support? How to navigate through organizational politics and prevent that your project is swamped by countless distractions? How to structure complex and messy business problems into meaningful questions that you can answer by descriptive, predictive or prescriptive analytics?

Highlights of the program include:

Project management:

  • Agile project management, heartbeat, and the backlog.
  • Who’s in the data-science teams? On data engineers, data analysts, data scientists, domain experts, and problem owners.
  • The CRISP-DM model for data-science projects.
  • Program management and a supportive infrastructure for data-science projects.


A portfolio of data-science projects based on an innovation roadmap encompassing multiple horizons.

  • Horizon 1 projects: data science to improve current processes and product lines.
  • Horizon 3 projects: data science as a basis for novel business models and new value propositions.
  • Translating business problems to data-science projects: data-analytic thinking.
  • Communicating about complex and messy problems: the pyramid principle.


Pro-active leadership for data scientists

  • Agile behavior and beyond … from coping with changes, to initiating proactively the changes that you need.
  • Leading and inspiring your team and your manager. Situational leadership and stakeholder management.
  • Translating strategic ideas to action and execution.

Course duration and number of participants:
1 day from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. Maximum group size: 15 participants. In-company programs can also be arranged.


Location: Eindhoven

Prof. Dr. Jeroen de Mast and Ing. Bert van Appeven

Location and costs:
Eindhoven: High Tech Campus 9 (Bèta Building)

Costs: T.b.c

Dates: T.b.c.

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